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PKP Energetyka

Client Profile

PKP Energetyka is Poland’s leader in the traction network construction, maintenance services and railway power engineering. They have been present in the Polish market since 2001 and are owned by one of the world’s largest investment funds – CVC Capital Partners. PKP Energetyka’s key business object is to sell and supply electricity.
The company employs almost 5,000 employees in five of its plants across Poland and is the only DSO with a nationwide distribution network covering 5 Service Regions, 5 Catenary (railway) Network Regions of 25 500 km OCS (overhead catenary system maintenance), 35 Service Units, 47 Catenary (railway) Network Units (with Light traction line-maintenance trains), 18 Fuel Diesel Stations, 5 Electricity Distribution Regions with 486 Traction substations, 328 sectioning cabins and 2 Electricity Sales Regions.

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PKP Energetyka for several years has been consistently deploying modern technology solutions to enhance the quality, safety, and efficiency of its operations. The company has already implemented a Workforce Management System along with IT tools supporting distribution network, railway traffic safety management, mobile and virtual training solutions. It is active in Center for Railway Energy Efficiency (CEEK).
In April 2017, PKP Energetyka introduced KAIZEN™ tools and methodologies to support the company in its mission of developing rail energy and Polish railways. They started implementing the Step by Step Program with visualizations in internal and external communications. Gradually, but over time, they covered all areas of their operations throughout Poland.

Kaizen Institute Poland PKP

“Assessing our KAIZEN™ activities from the perspective of time, we can see that the key success factor is the real commitment of employees and the role of leaders. From the highest level to the operational level. Without them, even if the implementation itself was successful, then it is difficult to maintain the achieved results in the long run.”

Wojciech Smardz, Head of Continues Improvement and Director of Step by Step Program, PKP Energetyka.

Wojciech Smardz, Head of Continues Improvement and Director of Step by Step Program, PKP Energetyka.

Our Approach

The introduced KAIZEN™ activities were to have a positive impact on improving their work on many levels like in listening, involvement, cooperation, security, self-development, and increased efficiency.

  • PKP Energetyka wanted to reach all employees, listen to their needs, emphasize on self-development and at the same time raise their responsibility and commitment to work.
  • PKP Energetyka wanted to improve the quality of services rendered, which would have a positive impact on better cooperation with other entities.
  • PKP Energetyka wanted to raise and standardize the standards of place and services rendered in executive units
  • PKP Energetyka wanted to increase employee safety, especially at places where the company's added value was created.

Solutions and KAIZEN™ activities have been implementing:

  • Daily KAIZEN™ 1 – team organization – by introducing 12 minute daily operational meetings (DSO) using magnetic boards, which included weekly planning, KPIs, safety alerts and the PDCA cycle.
  • Daily KAIZEN™ 2 – organization of the workplace – through use of the 5S, selection, systematics, cleaning, standardization and self-discipline
  • Daily KAIZEN™ 3 – work standardization – in sections and service areas, where the main services are provided by the company.
  • Last Planner System – for construction projects for planning and daily monitoring progress of work.

Key Results

  • 5% efficiency increase on operational level
  • 1,000+ new optimization ideas submitted by employees
  • Improvement of workstation ergonomics
  • Risk reduction of accidents
  • Shortening the Lead Time for handling failure orders
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